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#SAT Cheating in America – taken seriously with seious punishment

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Queen’s Personal Statement Workshop – January 28/17 (Toronto Live) and January 29/17 Online Sun, 02 Oct 2016 16:35:15 +0000

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Further information about the Queen’s Personal Statement workshop is here.

Update on 2016 SAT: How @SAT_1600 will work and new @SATPrep options Fri, 19 Jun 2015 12:05:32 +0000

Update on 2016 SAT: How @SAT_1600 will work and new @SATPrep options…

— SAT Reasoning Prep (@SATPrep) June 19, 2015

In March 2016 the new SAT will be administered. The College Board has provided new general information and established the baseline minimum SAT Prep.

Let’s let twitter help us out.

1. About the new SAT

The new SAT is coming in March 2016. Register for your spot, and own your future today.

Students can take the new SAT starting March 2016. It will replace the current SAT and be offered throughout the school year. Most students in the class of 2017 will take the new SAT. So will students in the class of 2018 and later.

2. SAT test dates in Canada

3. College Board provides free SAT Prep help

Free personalized SAT practice.

SAT Prep Courses Toronto – About the SAT! Tue, 17 Mar 2015 09:02:37 +0000 Welcome SAT Information Toronto –  SAT Test Prep Central!


Whether you just want to register for the SAT, discover  SAT test dates and locations, try a free SAT Practice Test, find the best SAT prep books, hire an SAT tutor, find an SAT preparation course, find free  SAT preparation aids, or even watch some  SAT prep videos you have come to the right place. If you are an institution or small group we can also offer  you a custom designed  SAT preparation course.

Private Toronto SAT tutoring and Toronto ACT tutoring are also available.

Those applying to Ontario independent and private schools may be required to take the SSAT. Toronto SSAT tutoring is  available.

We are based in Toronto, Canada and have been in the business of preparing students for standardized tests since 1979.

We offer two course formats. The first is our week long “24 hour” SAT Preparation Course (offered in the summer). The second is our “One Weekend Intensive SAT Prep Course” (offered during the school year).

Our next  SAT Preparation Courses in Toronto are:

One Weekend Intensive SAT Preparation Course – $595 + HST (Includes all course materials)

S. 1 May 2017 – Target June 3, 2017 SAT

Saturday May 13 and Sunday May 14 – 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. each day

Week Long SAT Preparation Course – Offered in the summer – $995 + HST (Includes all course materials) – Summer 2017

Location: University of Toronto Downtown Campus

Your Teacher – – Put 30 years of math teaching and test prep experience to work for you!

Course registration:  please complete and submit the following form. We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your registration and confirm payment details. Questions: 416 410 7737 or


Further opportunities – How to apply to U.S. Universities:

U.S. College Personal Statement Seminar – Date TBA (Free to all SAT students)

Queen’s Personal Statement of Experience Workshop – Date TBA


How To Register For The SAT Reasoning Test

An important reminder! Registration in our Toronto SAT Preparation Course does not register you for the SAT. Information and instructions for how to register for the SAT Reasoning Test are here.


Further questions or concerns?


– (416) 410 -7737


Okay, now for a bit of fun!

Check out the trailer to the movie “The Perfect Score“. It’s about a group of high school kids, looking to do anything (well almost) to get that perfect SAT test score.

SAT exam to undergo substantial revisions for 2016 Tue, 25 Mar 2014 21:49:21 +0000

A New #SAT Aims to Realign With Schoolwork and affirms importance of #SATPrep

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Saying its college admission exams do not focus enough on the important academic skills, the College Board announced on Wednesday a fundamental rethinking of the SAT, ending the longstanding penalty for guessing wrong, cutting obscure vocabulary words and making the essay optional.

The president of the College Board, David Coleman, criticized his own test, the SAT, and its main rival, the ACT, saying that both had “become disconnected from the work of our high schools.”

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The new exam will be rolled out in 2016, so this year’s ninth graders will be the first to take it, in their junior year. The new SAT will continue to test reading, writing and math skills, with an emphasis on analysis. Scoring will return to a 1,600-point scale last used in 2004, with a separate score for the optional essay.

For the first time, students will have the option of taking the test on computers.

Once the predominant college admissions exam, the SAT in recent years has been overtaken in popularity by the competing ACT, which has long been considered more curriculum based. The ACT offers an optional essay and announced last year it would begin making computer-based testing available in 2015.




Changes coming to the #SAT Fri, 22 Mar 2013 13:33:42 +0000 A number of sources have reported that change is coming to the SAT. What follows is am email from the College Board:

Dear Colleagues:

Since becoming president of the College Board this past October, I have had the opportunity to travel around the country, meeting with members and listening to their ideas on how we can improve our organization and enhance our ability to serve students. A recurring theme of these conversations has been the desire for the College Board to find ways to better connect K–12 and higher education institutions through a more innovative assessment that sharply focuses on a core set of knowledge and skills that are essential for readiness, access, and success.

In the months ahead, the College Board will begin an effort in collaboration with its membership to redesign the SAT® so that it better meets the needs of students, schools, and colleges at all levels. We will develop an assessment that mirrors the work that students will do in college so that they will practice the work they need to do to complete college. An improved SAT will strongly focus on the core knowledge and skills that evidence shows are most important to prepare students for the rigors of college and career. This is an ambitious endeavor, and one that will only succeed with the leadership of our Board of Trustees, the strong coordination of our councils and committees, and the full engagement of our membership.

First administered in 1926, the SAT was created to democratize access to higher education for all students. Today the SAT serves as both a measure of students’ college and career readiness and a predictor of college outcomes. In its current form, the SAT is aligned to the Common Core as well as or better than any assessment that has been developed for college admission and placement, and serves as a valuable tool for educators and policymakers. While the SAT is the best standardized measure of college and career readiness currently available, the College Board has a responsibility to the millions of students we serve each year to ensure that our programs are continuously evaluated and enhanced, and most importantly respond to the emerging needs of those we serve.

As we begin the redesign process, there are three broad objectives that will drive our work:
Increase the value of the SAT to students by focusing on a core set of knowledge and skills that are essential to college and career success; reinforcing the practice of enriching and valuable schoolwork; fostering greater opportunities for students to make successful transitions into postsecondary education; and ensuring equity and fairness.

Increase the value of the SAT to higher education professionals by ensuring that the SAT meets the evolving needs of admission officers, faculty, and other administrators, and that the SAT remains a valid and reliable predictor of college success.

Increase the value of the SAT to K–12 educators, administrators and counselors by strengthening the alignment of the SAT to college and career readiness; ensuring that the content reflects excellence in classroom instruction; and developing companion tools that allow educators to use SAT results to improve curriculum and instruction.
The College Board has begun to engage key stakeholders to solicit feedback. I have asked Vice President James Montoya and Executive Director Fabrizio D’Aloisio to head up outreach efforts to ensure that the voices of our members are heard throughout this process. Jim and Fabrizio will be holding meetings and discussions throughout the country to ensure that the redesign of the SAT reflects the input of College Board membership. We will also be working closely with our partners at ETS whose able assistance will be critical to our success.

This effort cannot succeed without your direct engagement, and I hope that you will work with us in the months ahead as we undertake this important initiative.


David Coleman
President, The College Board



SAT Test and Israeli Politics – Israel refuses to allow SAT students to enter West Bank Mon, 22 Oct 2012 10:15:58 +0000  




SAT score reporting and score select Sat, 02 Jun 2012 00:17:09 +0000 It’s all about your SAT test scores. Put  your best foot forward with SAT Score Select and Reporting. Find out how.

Getting into U.S. Colleges and Universities Fri, 04 Mar 2011 00:58:42 +0000 Getting Into U.S. Colleges and Universities Plus SAT Information Seminar

Interest in U.S. colleges and universities is increasing. Applying to U.S. schools is a long process which is unfamiliar to most Canadians. Furthermore, U.S. schools will require either the SAT or  the ACT.

“People don’t plan to fail – they fail to plan!”

Join us for a seminar designed to teach you to plan to be accepted to U.S. colleges. Whether you are academically inclined and are targeting the Ivy League schools or whether you are an athlete hoping to combine your athletics with an education, this is the seminar that you:

“Can afford to take,  but can’t afford to miss!”

When: Saturday May 7, 2011 – 5:00 p.m.  – 7:00 p.m.

Where: University of Toronto  Downtown

Registration Fee: $10 payable either at the door or in advance

Registration – Required! Please email: satreasoningprep at gmail dot com or register through EventBrite. Make  sure that you include  your: name, address, telephone number and tell us where you would like to apply.

How To Get Into The Top Colleges

Bonus: Attendees will receive a free copy of Richard Montauk’s “How To Get Into The Top Colleges”

Join us on Facebook at:

Join us for our Toronto SAT Preparation Course – May 15, 21, 22

New SAT a Boon for Test-Prep Business Thu, 04 Nov 2010 14:17:39 +0000 Expensive Coaching Debated as Students Prepare for Revised Exam

By Michael Dobbs

Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, March 7, 2005; Page A01

Ting Luo, a junior at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, had been doing poorly on the new essay question of the SAT. But his practice score shot up after he took a $900 test-preparation course and received some age-old advice on how to outfox the examiners:

“Write larger.”

Read the complete article about SAT Preparation by clicking here.